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We dramatically cut the time of your short sale. Guaranteed!

Over 90% Approval Ratio

Most real estate agents close 15% or less of their short sales. We close six times that many.

FREE for Homeowners

Our short sales won’t cost the homeowner anything. The lender covers the costs.

Protect your credit

A short sale is less damaging to your credit. A foreclosure will stay with you for 7 years.

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A Short Sale is a win-win solution for both the home owner and the lender. The lender gets to avoid the cost of foreclosure and also gets the home sold quickly at a fair market price. For the borrower you avoid a foreclosure on your credit report and you settle your debt(s). A short sale occurs when the money owed to the lender(s) is higher than the value of the home. In order for a short sale to go through, the agent must negotiate a lower payoff with the lender(s). In the end the home is sold and any debts attached to the home are settled.

While any agent can help you with a short sale you should know that it is a very complicated process. Having an agent who already has experience working with lenders will greatly increase the chances of getting your short sale approved.

NOTHING! All commissions and costs of short sale facilitation are paid for by your lender. I will never charge you a dime for anything.

  • Typically, the homeowner can continue to live in the home during the process.
  • Most of the time if the homeowner has an active short sale in process the bank will postpone foreclosure while we try and work things out.
  • All liens on the home most of the time are settled without any further money due from homeowner.
  • In some cases, lenders will offer financial incentives to do a short sale.
  • Doing a short sale is a lot of the time is less damaging to your credit.

The bank will do a broker price opinion or appraisal on the property. Each lender is different but typically they will accept somewhere close to the fair market value for the home.

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