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Get Started with your Short Sale

Helping homeowners in metro Atlanta avoid foreclosure through a short sale is what I do. I have been successfully helping my clients for years navigate the short sale process and get their homes sold. My goal is to create a win-win situation for both the lender and you the home owner.

Getting started with the Short Sale Assistance Program is simple. First thing you need to do is contact me! You can do that by sending me an email at or by calling me directly 404-944-931. We can discuss your situation and discuss what are the next steps.


Doing a short sale is much different than a typical sale. It can be complex and more time consuming which is why it is important to have an agent experienced in doing them. Here are the steps in the short sale process.

  • Filling out the short sale package. This will include the proper paperwork from your lender and a list of documents they will need. Some of the documents that will be required are the following.
  1. 2 months of pay stubs
  2. 2 years’ tax returns
  3. A hardship letter – this will be a one-page letter explaining your hardship and why you need to sell.
  4. Financial worksheet – this will be specific to your lender and will detail your income and expenses.
  5. 60 days of statements from your checking and savings accounts.
  • Come up with a listing price. I will research the other homes sold in the area and come up with a listing price that will get the home sold quickly.
  • Sign the listing agreement along with the short sale addendum and property disclosure.
  • Get the house on the market which includes taking pictures, putting a lockbox on the door, placing a sign in the yard and adding the listing to the mls.
  • Market your home just like I would a traditional sale.
  • Review any offer or offers that come in. Our goal is to send the bank an offer we think they will accept.
  • Send the signed contract to the bank to review. Once the bank has received the signed contract they will review it. They will then either accept the offer and issues a short sale approval or counter with an amount they are willing to accept.
  • Get short sale approval! Once the bank accepts the terms of the contract they will issue a short sale approval letter. We will send this to the buyer so they can start their due diligence and loan process.
  • Set a closing date. We will set a closing date with the buyer. At closing all paperwork will be signed and possession of the property will be transferred to the new owner.

Your home is sold and you have successfully completed a short sale. Your debt(s) are settled and you have avoided foreclosure! If you have any more questions, please see the frequently asked questions or give me a call at 404-944-9831.